Spyware Spyware is a specialized type of "unwanted" program that is designed to monitor or capture your activities. You should be aware of this type of attack and how to avoid it.

SpyWare, what it it

SpyWare is a class of applications or files that are placed on your PC to collect information. These applications can track you browsing habits, shopping preferences, alter you browser default start page. It can be relatively harmless, but in most cases it will at least slow down your PC, and at worst either steal information or do damage to your system.

Often freeware comes with additional add ins that are actually spyware. The money paid by the add ins is what allows some freeware to be free. Historically, when KaZaa was installed it would install spyware without your knowledge. In fact, KaZaa would not run if you removed it. We have additional comments on KaZaa that you can review by clicking here.

Some software that uses spyware or "adware" make part of their their license agreement, a general prohibition against removing the spyware / adware. Please read your license agreements before removing the spyware.

What to do About it

There are two solutions that we recommend. The first is a freeware program. (and no there is not any "spyware" associated with it) It is called SpyBot and can be downloaded here. If you find it useful, you can also make a donation, but it is completely voluntary. Be sure to update Spybot with the latest updates to keep the search engine current.