Recent Projects Here is a listing of some recent projects we have been involved with

Recent Projects

Benefits Company
A company specializing in Employee benefit package and benefit administration needed remote access to the office systems and database. Utilizing a VPN connection for security and a Windows XP Remote Desktop connection the user can now access the office whenever he goes. This was a cost effective solution to their needs.

Mergers and Acquisition Company
Dissatisfied with another consultant they brought us in to provide recommendations for e-mail and networking. Requirements for e-mail were the ability to access it worldwide, and virus scanning must be kept up to date. With only a 5 person office, support of a MS Exchange Server was not warranted. We recommended and subsequently setup an external e-mail provider that provides both virus scanning and web access to e-mail.

Engineering Firm
An IT audit was performed for an engineering firm that has about 300 PC's in their network. Issues included network response, moving to a new version of Autocad, and coordination and support of several locations. Based on the audit and subsequent implementation of the recommendations of the audit, users were able to focus on the key application of Autocad, not the network or performance issues.

A local optician wanted to use thin client and wireless technology in the office. At first the "wired" Remote Stations were setup and connected to the server, and all printing was established. Later tablet PC's were utilized with a wireless connection to the network to be able to use the Tablet PC's at various locations in the office while maintaining connection to the network.

Doctors Office
Failure of a tape backup device was properly diagnosed as a $15 cable failure, not a $300 drive replacement. This after the tape backup had been replaced by an earlier consultant.

Software Company
This project focused on two aspects, first was the development of proper documentation for support of their products, and secondly writing VB Scripts and Excel / Word Macros (VBA) for a programmatic interface into their main product. The support included handling higher level technical calls from customers and assisting in deployment of the product by the customers. Product has a broad application from UNIX based computers to AS/400, VAX, and IBM Mainframe (OS/390). Remote access to the System is also provides through the use of a VPN and Terminal Servers on a MS Windows 2000 Server.

Upgrading their network for a shared internet connection. and replacement of PC's

Trade Show Company
We provide add on support for a local company that organizes Trade Shows throughout the country. Most of their basic IT needs come from internal resources, but on more involved projects, they will use our services. We have been used for Upgrading Servers, Establishing Internet connections, installing a firewall, etc.