Microsoft Office Information on Versions and Service Packs for Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Versions

MS Office is the de facto standard for standard Office productivity suites. The last releases have been:

Office365 This is a new option for acquiring the Microsoft Office Suite. There are 2 Office 365 types of Office 365 subscriptions that contain Microsoft Office user Licenses. One is for the web apps that can open, create, edit Microsoft Office Documents in your web browser. The other is for an actual download and installation of the full version of Microsoft Office on your local PC (and each license allow you to install it on up to 5 of your devices).

Microsoft Office 2013 Outlook gets the ribbon bar like the other Offcie applications. Strong integration to Microsofts cloud storage, SharePoint and SkyDrive.

Microsoft Office 2010 Big Changes in the menu system, moved from menu to ribbon bar. Takes time to get used to it, but in the end it can be more productive (once you learn the new system)

Microsoft Office 2007 Big changes in the file formats for Word and Excel, but you can have it default to earlier (2003 & before) format in the setup. You can also download an add on to be able to save as a PDF file. Mainstream support ended October 2012, and the end of any support ends in April 2017.

Microsoft Office 2003 Support for Office 2003 ends the same time as Windows XP (April 14, 2014)

Microsoft Office XP Hotfix support through June 30, 2006. No charge personal incident support and personal pay-per-incident support will continue through June 30, 2007. Extended Support ended June 30, 2008.

Microsoft Office 2000 Hotfix support through June 30, 2004. No-charge incident support and personal pay-per-incident support will continue through June 30, 2005. Extended Support ended June, 30, 2006. Outlook 2000 is not compatible with Windows 7.

Microsoft Office 97 All support ended Jan 2004. Web updated and information will continue for at least 1 year beyond that date. If you have Office 97 we recommend that you upgrade to MS Office 2003.

For details on the Support provided for the different version of Office follow this link: Office Support