e-mail Marketing e-mail marketing allows you to reach your client easily and effectively. Keep and grow your existing clients by staying in touch with them.

e-mail Marketing

We are pleased to offer our clients the ability to create and manage their own e-mail campaigns.

  1. We have partnered with Constant Contact who is the leading supplier of e-mail marketing solutions.
  2. It is a low cost (starting at $15.00 per month), for unlimited e-mails.
  3. You can add a link to your webs site to have visitors "opt in" to receive your e-mails. These new addresses automatically get added to your database.
  4. You have hundreds of templates for different needs to choose from.
  5. During your campaign you will get real time tracking statistics on percentage opened, as well as show you who has clicked on links in your e-mail.
  6. If you prefer, we can create and manage the e-mail campaigns for you for a small additional charge. We make it simple, you provide the list of addresses and the text of the e-mail and we do the rest.

Sound too good to be true?

  1. Get more information or sign up from a FREE 60 day trial

Some typical uses

  1. Newsletters
  2. Product or service announcements
  3. Change in location, phone, or contact information
  4. Sending coupons or discounts to drive customers to your site or location.
  5. Events & Invitations
  6. Press Releases
  7. Business Letters