Experience We have a broad based history that has exposed us to many technologies and allow us to draw on our experience to quickly resolve your problems.


Bob Watson has 30 years of experience in bringing new technology into businesses. Having held the roles of Sales Manager, VP of Operations and Engineering, as well as Division Manager at different times, he fully understand the demands on all areas of companies to improve processes resulting in reduced costs, increased quality, and faster response.

In the very early 1980's, Bob recognized the value of computers to improve internal processes. In all of his positions since that time he worked to marry the ever changing technology to the business needs for continuous improvement, and ever increasing productivity.

Business Software Systems was started in 1993 as a part time business to help local companies manage their IT infrastructure. Since that time it has grown. In 2001 Bob began to devote his full time efforts to the business.

You can now count on Bob's experience and knowledge to help your company keep pace.

He has been certified by Microsoft as a Microsoft Certified Professional.