e-mail Filtering Filtering your e-mail prior to it getting into your network is the most efficient and effective method.

e-Mail Scanning

  1. We provide a low cost but effective solution to block spam, phishing e-mails, and viruses attached to your e-mail.
  2. Messages are blocked before they get to your computer.
  3. You will get daily reports of all blocked messages, with the ability to release any or all of the blocked messages.
  4. You can specify senders that are not to be blocked.

Cost vs Payback

  1. If your users spend just 1 minute a day, or 20 minutes a month deleting spam, you can justify our solution.
  2. Even if you have anti-virus software at your location checking the e-mail, a second layer of security is always better.
  3. Are your users getting offensive e-mails? You should be proactive in preventing such e-mail from getting to your employees.
  4. Save your internet bandwidth for the valid e-mail.

Why use our service?

  1. Better Accuracy and effectiveness
  2. Lower overhead and reduced administrative burden
  3. Ease of use and configuration (we do it for you)
  4. Greater Flexibility of end user controls
  5. and as always, we give you Superior service and support

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The only thing at risk is your SPAM