Free Stuff Free Programs and Utilities that you may find useful


Opera Web Browser. This is a fast lightweight browser.

Firefox Web Browser With origins in Netscape Navigator, and now provided by the open source community.

Thunderbird, the free e-mail client from the same folks that bring you the Firefox browser

Open Office for Windows. The Free alternative to Microsoft Office.



RegClean, a Program for cleaning the Registry. Created by Microsoft

Malwarebytes. Two versions of this program exist, one is free and is only "reactive", the other is paid and is proactive and blocks installation of Malware.

Hijack This is a program to check and delete malware & browser hijack programs, This should be used by Experiencd users only.

CCleaner Clean up your registry, or remove the history and cookies with this cleaner.

SpeedFan, Can read the spped of your fans as well as the temperatures of your hard disk and motherboard. Details here.

Hard Drive Information and Utilities


Web Programs

WordPress, a web program for blogging. The program is free, and you can pay a small monthly fee if you want training. If you need a web site to host your blog we can help you there as well.

Programs and Utilites we have developed

Heating Element Calculator

Merging data on 2 Excel spreadsheets to a Word Document

Pulling selected data from an Access Database to be used in printing invoices and other correspondence.

Script to automatically move files to archive based on dates last used.