Sasser Sasser is an older virus show here for reference

Sasser Worm

A new threat is now out. It is called the Sasser Worm and it effects only Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems. The interesting thing about this threat is that you do not have to open an e-mail, or download any file, you can get it simply by being connected to the internet. It comes in through port 445 (ports are like communication channels).

Protection is relativly simple, just make sure your PC's are up to date with the current Microsoft Patches. Also the risk can be greatly reduced by having a firewall install on your system or network. This exploit was blocked in Microsoft Security Update MS04-011.

For information on checking if you have the Sasser Worm, or if you want to get the newest patches you can visti the following link at Microsoft:

Microsoft Sasser Information and Detection