KaZaa Information on the music sharing program called KaZaa

Our Comments on Kazaa. This information is included for reference as Kazaa music sharing is largely a thing of the past.

Most of the news is about the "file sharing" activities on KaZaa, and the legal issues involved. KaZaa is changing or appears to be moving to a model of paying for downloads. Most of what is said below pertains to the "older" KaZaa, but until everything is clearer, you should take precautions.

On the previous page, you were informed about the Spyware that is included in KaZaa. The free KaZaa will not function without it. It appears that the new KaZaa program that you pay for eliminates much of this spyware, and that is a move in the right direction.

What continues to concern us is that KaZaa still gives users the ability to share copyrighted material. On top of that some of the material on KaZaa is pornographic in nature, or contains viruses, trojans, or other things you do not want on your computer.

Our recommendation is not to use, or to allow any of your computers (or families computers) to use KaZaa.

Plain and simple... DO NOT USE KAZAA.