Fake Virus Warnings

Fake Virus Warnings

Drive By Fake Virus Warnings are web pages that take over your computer / browser and lock it until you call the number they display. Sometime these warnings will use your speakers to announce the problem. If you play the video you will see one of these in action.

Signs it is a Fake Warning:

Some of the “Fake” attributes are:

  1. The number 682-302-36147 is NOT a toll free number as they claim
  2. Microsoft DOES NOT INSTALL ANY Program that will alert Microsoft that you have anything wrong with your computer.
  3. Microsoft (as far as I know) cannot disable any PC.
  4. The URL/ Internet Address at the top (top yellow arrow) is s3.amazonaws.com. Microsoft would NOT be using AMAZON’s servers. The support.microsoft.com address at the second arrow is a graphic on that web page and is there to fool you.
    Fake Virus Warnings

What to expect if you call

They instruct you to call the number on the screen to resolve the issue. If you do call, you can expect the following:

  1. They will want to do a remote control session to your computer to Check the issue
  2. You will be told that you need their antivirus, and their support will cost about $300-$400 for 1 year
  3. They will install software and tell you that you are cleaned after you give them your credit card information.
  4. In 3-4 weeks you will likely get another virus warning.  If you call them back they will tell you that the new problem is caused by “Malware”, and to fix it you need to pay and additional $400 for their “advanced” package.

Fake Virus Warnings

What to do

The solution in most cases is simple:

  1. Press and hold the power button for 30 Seconds. It is important to hold it for the full 30 seconds. The screen may go black after a few seconds, but that has just put the computer to sleep. To get it to power off, you have to hold it for the full 30 seconds. If you cannot wait that long the other solution is to unplug it.
  2. Restart the computer.
  3. Go back to the web as you were before and you will likely be OK.

Just like your computer,  Web sites get hacked and infected. An infected site can redirect you to the pages that will give this alert.


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