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Home Buyers in Danger of Fraudulent Wire Transfers

Home Buyers in Danger

Home buyers are in danger due to a huge scam taking place in the buying/ selling of real estate. The scam has gotten to a level now that many real estate agents and lawyers are having buyers and sellers sign warning notices of the potential of wire fraud and that they should NEVER send any money via wire based on an email only.

Links that may be of interest.

This is from Reese Nichols, a real Estate firm in Kansas City. Video with Warning

Here is a fairly detailed document on showing how its done from Clareity Consulting
Reducing the Risk of Real Estate Wire Fraud

And finally a simple Cartoon video that does a really good job of reviewing the how its done and how to avoid it.

Basic Steps:

Beware of Phishing attacks. e-mails that look like they are coming from reliable sources, but ask you to change passwords, or put in security information are mostly not legitimate. The links take you to sites that may look real, but are hosted and controlled by the “bad guys”. If you want to change your password, go to the site you normally log into and change it from there.

Read carefully any emails that you get. If they are “mostly” right, but some of the language or wording looks odd, it is likely bogus.

DO NOT open any attachments from unknown senders or unexpected emails. These often include leading statements such as

  • Please review the attached invoice, your credit card will be charged in 5 days.
  • Please review the Attached Itinerary from your cruise.
  • Unable to Deliver your item, please open that attached shipping label

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What User Turned off Server?

To See What user Turned off Server follow the following steps:

Sometimes a server may go down and you want to determine what user shut it off. It may be in the case of a Remoted Desktop Server where you allow users to have the ability to shut down the server. If this happens you may need to find out What user Turned off Server?

1. Go to Event Viewer

2. Expand Windows Logs and then click on System and on the right side, click  -> Filter Current Log

Event Viewer

3. For User Shutdowns, click downward arrow of Event Sources -> Check User32.

4. In <All Event IDs> type  1074 -> OK

Event Viewer Filter

This will give the list of Power off and restart events. It will have the date and time as well as Username.

Event Viewer Results